Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Howl #5: Hamsters

Hey Jammers!
A few weeks ago, AJHQ announced that hamsters are now available for all Jammers. Awesome! Now, all Jammers can buy their own hamsters. 
But why stop there? Why should non-members ONLY be allowed to buy hamsters? I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a great start, but shouldn't they be able to buy more than just a normal hamster? Sure, hamsters are great, but wouldn't it be awesome if non-members could buy a puppy or a kitten or a snake?
Another thing that ticks me off is the fact that non-members can't even buy their pet accessories. 

That's just messed up. If you can buy a hamster, you should also have the ability to buy it cute little outfits as well.
And look! Non-members can't even take their hamsters to the pet wash!

Like I said. If you can buy a hamster, you should also have the privilege to buy it accessories and take it to the pet wash. 
I think it's about time we step up to make a change. I'm sick of sitting back and watching non-members be treated like dirt. Our first mission is to open up the pet wash to all Jammers. We'll start by simply emailing AJHQ and telling them how we feel. If we tell them that we feel that it's unfair that non-members cannot use the pet wash, and we give them a reason that's legit that they should open it up for all Jammers, they might just listen to us. But be sure not to demand anything. We need to be polite, right? Being rude won't solve anything.
So, basically, you're mission is to email AJHQ and politely ask them to open up the pet wash for all Jammers. That's easy enough isn't it? 
Jam on!

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Howl #4: Are Rare Item Mondays Unfair?

Hey Jammers!
Rare item Mondays are a fun, creative way to collect and accumulate new rare items. In fact, they actually make some Jammers look forward to Mondays. ;)
But, when you think about it, RIMs can actually be unfair in some ways. And here's why.
Almost all of the rare items that come out on RIMs are for members-only. Sure, that's not a problem for any member, but for non-members, it's as if RIMs aren't even happening.
Don't you think that it's just a little bit not cool that non-members can't usually take part in this fun little event that AJHQ has come out with?
I mean, I would understand if every once in a while for RIMs they released a members-only item but, sheesh! All the time? I really don't think that's fair.
So what do you think Jammers? Are rare item Mondays unfair?
Jam on!

Friday, June 28, 2013


Hey Jammers!
This is RainbowRider, Howl Out to Non-Members' newest admin! Since Feelers has decided to quit Animal Jam, she thought it would be a good idea for me to continue this mini blog. So, here I am!
Some of you may know me from my Animal Jam blog (the Animal Jam Sizzle) or maybe my story blog (RainbowRider's Mini Stories & More) or maybe you don't even know me at all. But that's okay! No matter who you are, I'm glad that you're reading this blog and I'm so excited to be the new admin of this blog!
I can't wait to get to know you guys better and to inform you a little bit more about the differences between non-members and members on Animal Jam. Keep your eyes peeled for my first post which will be coming out soon!
Jam on!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Howl #3: Bullying and Inferiority

Around Jamaa, some Members (only the bad ones!) are bullying Non-Members, or even other Members depending on what clothing they have or are wearing, what they say, or how they act. Which isn't nice!
Remember, Members are, what you can call, "upgraded" versions of Non-Members. They only get the better of what Non-Members have. But that doesn't make them any better than Non-Members!
A Member (or even another Non-Member) might go up to a Non-Member and say something rude, such as "I have better clothes than you!" or "Your outfit is lame!". If somebody said that to me I would say "Well I'm not a Member so I can't have clothes like you" or something. 
I even once saw these 2 Members making fun of a Non-Member because she had a lot of different colors. They said that it looked like someone had puked a rainbow on her! She kept telling them to stop, because she liked her colors. I helped her, but they wouldn't stop! I finally told the Non-Member that she shouldn't care what the bullies think about her, and that she looked awesome just the way her colors were! :)
This is what you should do, Member or Non-Member. If you're being bullied about the clothes you're wearing, or colors, or anything, just ignore them, and don't care about the mean things they say! You can also step up and say that you like your colors, and you don't care if they dislike them or not!
Every Jammer is unique and awesome! Unfortunately, some Jammers are bullies, and think that making fun of other Jammers is "cool".
Members also think that just because they're Members, they're superior to the Non-Members, because they have access to all the things that Non-Member don't have. This isn't true! We may be separated by our Jammer status, but that doesn't mean that Members are better than Non-Members, or vice versa. Every Jammer is great, and you should be proud of the Jammer you are!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Howl #2: Members Are NOT Bad!

Hey Howlers!
When I say that Non-Members aren't as equal as Members, some Jammers think that I'm saying that Members are terrible and need to fall off of a cliff. But that's okay, sometimes I should word it differently.
Members are NOT bad Jammers. Members are NOT better than everyone else. Members are NOT terrible and think they're so cool. Just because a Jammer is a Member, it doesn't mean they're a wannabe, or an escapee from being a Non-Member (unless they say that), or a popular jerkwad (unless they act like that). Don't go up to a Member and say that they're an idiot because they have a membership. Memberships do help keep Animal Jam up and running, and they can buy pets and things like that. That's what makes Jammers want to become Members, plus they help save big cats!
But just because you don't do this, that doesn't mean being a Non-Member is terrible! It's free, you don't have to worry about cluttering your den storage or clothing storage with items, and EVERY Jammer has been one. Maybe you were a Non-Member for 5 minutes, and then you got a membership for a year that keeps recurring, so you will never be a Non-Member again. But you were still a Non-Member once. And when you think about it, Members are only upgraded versions of Non-Members. They still have a nametag like others, just a bit fancier, etc. Non-Members might not have the best items or clothing, but we still have ourselves, our character, our wonderful buddies! So now, some of you might be thinking, "If you think Non-Members are great, then why did you make this blog so they can have better things?" Okay. I don't have a low self-esteem in being a Non-Member, but I still think that Members and Non-Members should be treated somewhat more equally, with better choices of items, and such. How many of you agree?
Think about this!
Howl Out!

Howl #1: Den and Clothing

In all of the shops around Jamaa (besides the flag shop), the majority of the clothing or den items are for Members only. Now, the reason why most of the items are for Members only is because Animal Jam needs money as a financial aid to support the site. Otherwise, Animal Jam couldn't continue! But does that mean the items we are given have to be limited in the stores?
Take the couches for Members only. They're elegant but expensive. Now take that hideous striped couch for Non-Members. It has no back-side, it's small, and doesn't have the best design. Sure, you can change its color, but CAN Non-Members change colors? No.
Go to Kani Cove and visit Sunken Treasures. Count the Member items and the Non-Member items. There are no Non-Member items, because Non-Members can't have underwater dens. We can have underwater animals, but not underwater dens?
In the Shiveer Shoppe, they have those nice fancy blankets for Members. They also have "Old Blankets" for Non-Members. Even the title makes you not want to buy it! Seriously, when I see this item, I feel like I, as a Non-Member, am a piece of garbage. It's an OLD BLANKET. WHO WANTS AN OLD BLANKET? Now I have one of the rare versions, but I never wear it.
Rare Item Mondays. To be off-topic for a second, I don't like to say that these items aren't rare. Sometimes around Jamaa, I hear Jammers saying that these items are stupid and worthless. If you don't like what Animal Jam has to give you, like different colored versions of items or something, then don't bother playing Animal Jam. Who CARES if it's rare or not? You might be the person saying that rares don't even matter, and now you're mad because these items aren't new or rare.
Anyway. Most Rare Item Mondays are for Members Only. If they want us to actually enjoy Rare Item Monday, then they should start making the item for everyone every week!
I'll post another howl later on!
Howl Out!


Hey Jammers! 
This is Feelers, and I created this mini-blog to inform Jammers of the differences and limited privileges that Non-Members get from Members. More posts will be coming with information on differences, privileges, and social behavior!
Howl Out!